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  • Providing information on opportunities for action in certain parts of the market
  • Creating networks between companies and training centers based on the needs generated in the labor market as well as employer's needs’ research
  • Establishing cooperation with training centers recognized as centers with potential for action in the market, at an early stage of their development


  • Providing support in networking between companies and training centers with the objective of staff training
  • Providing consulting services to find solutions for a business transformation in line with market needs
  • Conducting training of managers to assist them in preparation of plans for staff development
  • Implementing training sessions on drafting of EU project applications
  • Conducting training on preparing financial sustainability plan of training centers
  • Strengthening capacities of SMEs to access funds that will finance their sustainable business ideas
  • Mediating in establishing cooperation between public services and training centers for the promotion of non-formal adult education
  • Improving the skills of employees in public institutions
  • Conducting training aimed to improve the quality of services and programs