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PROMOTION OF GOOD PRACTICES Based on the success they record, examples of successful adult education models
we promote it as potential for progress.

Want to open a training center? Do you need support? We offer you professional support and training
to enter the market with a quality and competitive program.
ANALYSIS OF MARKET NEEDS Based on administrative and real sector data
we create current analyzes and long-term forecasts
Support for companies

Support for companies

InLearn supports companies aiming to establish their employee training center and potentially offer professional development services to other companies in the industrial sector.


Support for training centers

InLearn offers professional networking assistance for established training centers developed as part of companies or as independent institutions, as well as a vast array of services of our experts.


Support for public institutions

Support for public institutions

InLearn assists public institutions in policy changes related to non-formal education and helps decide how to direct public budget funds to support employment and active labor market policies.

Our misson and vision

InLearn's mission is to promote non-formal education through support to companies, training centers and public institutions as a meaningful way for skills development to converge labor market conditions and increase the economy's competitiveness.

InLearn seeks to become a well-established partner in the labor market that contributes to lifelong learning initiatives and efforts to recognize the role of non-formal education in increasing employability and reducing unemployment in the labor market in BiH.




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